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It’s been a busy time lately with a few big changes happening, and like most folk, don’t have enough time on our hands! The biggest change being my location. My family and I decided to leave the Isle of Mull and head to the countryside of Latvia where we plan to build our own home, grow our own food and do things a little differently than we did on Mull.

As my business is no longer on the Isle of Mull I thought it best to change my name…but not too much. I decided to just shorten it slightly from “Isle of Mull Leather” to “IOM Leather”. Being born on the Isle of Mull, I like the idea of having a reminder of my home and where my business was born. Short and sweet!

I’ll be using the same leather, buckles and bits as I did before as the quality is superb. A main supplier I use is Abbey England, a family owned business that has it’s own foundry and supplies some premium leathers from various English tanneries, Sedgwick leather being just one. But there are many quality leathers on the market, I’ll just have to try out some more.

I’ll be building a bigger workshop with the idea of filming “How To” video’s and branching out into working with other materials, alloy casting being something I’ve wanted to try for quite a while now.

I”l be adding a new video section on my site along with lots of past commission work to my gallery so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, cheerio for now.